Thursday, December 10, 2009

Toshiba Regza 55SV670U

I recently purchased this Toshiba TV from Amazon when it was on sale. This is a "LED Backlight with Local Dimming" TV. This is one of the best TV in term of image quality on the market right now. Because of the local dimming LED, the black is really black. Watching blu-ray movie on this TV is just absolutely awesome! I love watching BBC documentary blu-ray like Planet Earth[Blu-ray]
and Wild China[Blu-ray]
on this TV. Both SD and HD channels show up nicely on this TV as well, which is a plus.

However, I run into a problem with this TV. The CC (closed caption) on this TV is not working properly with the channels receive on the air.(public broadcasting). Sometime, the CC will not show up at all. You will have to go to setup again for the CC to show up again. On some channels, even though the CC show up, it will show up overlapping each other on the same line. This makes the CC un-readable!

I called Amazon and they are very nice and send a replacement TV for me. Unfortunately, I just received the TV today and it exhibits the same problem as the previous one!!! Right now, I don't know what to do... Should I return this or keep it?

So, this is just a warning for you if you are thinking about getting this TV. The price is great.(For the comparable quality on Samsung brand, you will have to pay close to 3K!) The image quality is stunning and beautiful. If you don't use the CC feature, I think this is a great choice. But if you need the CC feature, would you buy this TV?

BTW, the reviews of this TV on Amazon are great.

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